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Production - Tracking - Mixing - Mastering

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James Stroker


JRStroker Audio offers premium quality audio production in a comfortable artistic environment. We offer production, tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering services. JRStroker Audio works with artists to realize their vision and enhance both the experience and final product.

We specialize in helping artists to develop ideas or not fully realized songs into full productions, particularly in rock, metal, singer-songwriter, and indie genres. We have experience with a variety of genres and the radically different techniques used to capture and bring to life your music. JRStroker Audio aims to create value for all clients and overdeliver what is expected in any stage of production. .

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How I Work


  • Production

    If this service is requested, we will work together to bring your music to its fullest potential. This can include anything from tweaking arrangements and structure to building a song from the ground up.
  • Tracking

    This is the process of the recording itself. You will be tracking in a comfortable and relaxed space and we will work together to capture the best performances possible.
  • Editing

    If requested, minor adjustments to performances will be made to provide them with extra polish. Careful attention will be paid to maintaining the vibe and feel of the performance.
  • Mixing

    Mixing includes equalization, compression, saturation, effects, and anything else needed to fit all of the instrumentation, vocals, and other elements together.
  • Mastering

    This is the final touch. Any final adjustments in balance and polish will be applied, and your songs will mastered to a volume that is competitive with other songs in your genre.

Experience in
multiple genres

15 years of production experience with Rock, Indie, Metal, and Soul musicians


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